Hi Everyone,

Here is a little bit about me…

I have been a horse lover all my life.  I first remember asking for a pony for Christmas at 5 years old (a stuffed one arrived that year—which I found very disappointing).   I continued to ask (ok, badger!) my parents for the next few years (persistence pays!), and a real Shetland Pony (named Brownie) arrived for my 9-year-old birthday.  The passion was fueled and it continues today. 

I grew up in Nebraska riding in 4-H (Western and English, and having fun in Poles, Barrels).  As I progressed, jumping caught my eye.  My parents got me my first jumping horse at 13.  I knew that was my thing.   I won the State 4-H Jumping competition when I was 16.  My parent’s found out about Pony Club somewhere along the line, and I became a member of Ponca Pony Club for a couple of years before I left for college. 

I went to William Woods College (because there was a horse program there of course) and graduated with a B.S. in Equestrian Science with an emphasis on teaching, and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.   At the college I continued pursuing my love of Show Jumping, winning at local and A rated shows through the 1.3M classes with the college horses.   I also think eventing is great fun, and have successfully evented through Training Level. 

My love of teaching started at William Woods.  I had great instructors, and learned a lot.  I moved to the Kansas City area after college, and started riding with Carlie Beisel.  During that time, I was recruited by Joy Poling to help teach at Horse and Hound Pony Club.   20+ years later, my volunteer Pony Club resume covers instructing students from their D ratings through their B ratings, being a C3 examiner and then a National Examiner for the C3, B, H-B ratings, and coaching at too many Rally’s to count.  I remain a strong Pony Club supporter today.  Safety first always! 

I also have experience in Stadium Course design, and have designed the course for the Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials for the past few years. 

Thoroughbreds are my love.  At one point I ended up with two 3-year-old TB’s at the same time.  It was fun, a challenge, and extremely rewarding.   I enjoy working with young (or uneducated) horses and finding out what they would like their job to be.

My husband Tom and I enjoy trailing riding and Fox Hunting in our spare time.